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About Ukraine

About me

Welcome to my site!


Here you may find some information about me, my friends, my hobbies, my works.

Also here is some information about my country - Ukraine and my city Dnepropetrovsk

Some information about alpine ski in Ukraine and Russia (Carpathian mountains - Krasia, Slavs'ko, Dragobrat, Podobovets, Pilipets; Caucasus mountains – Elbrus) and travel stories about my hikes through Ukraine (Crimea – Dimerdji, Chatyr-dag, Djur-Djur, Tarkhankut) and trips abroad (Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy) you may find on page "Hikes and Trips".

Besides you may find here a lot of photos from my hikes and travels, also photos of beautiful places in Ukraine on page "Photos"

On page "Links" collected useful links for travelers, skiers, photographers.

On page "Contacts" useful contact information.


Photografy is...


My new projects




tv- video production and posproduction studio in Kiev


Podobovets -alpine ski in Carpathian Mountains

Podobovets -alpine ski in Carpathian Mountains


Information is always filling up, so... visit me again





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